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AMPR are an Australian Public Relations agency specialising in strategic brand management, event management and results-driven public relations (AMPR 2016). Established in 1991 by Ann Morrison, AMPR have worked with some of Australia’s leading consumer, fashion, health and lifestyle brands. They strive to deliver multi-channel public relations and marketing solutions that target and engage consumers (AMPR 2016). The second most popular social media network is Twitter (Wilcox 2013) and AMPR have employed this platform in its PR practices. Just take a look below at the two tweets which exemplify this.


This tweet is simple, yet effective. On the first glance, it appears, that perhaps a member of AMPR is just having coffee with a friend (@c_labandco). However, once you click the instagram link below, you are taken to a page where you can click @c_labandco, and discover that it is a company that makes a 100% natural coffee scrub! With this interactive media channel, AMPR have managed to turn their latent public on Twitter, into an active public, by causing curiosity and motivation to engage with their client C Lab & Co with a few clicks of the mouse. A very tactful strategy on the behalf of AMPR!


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.08.24 pm

The tweet above is full of #hashtags, which people use before a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet, in order to categorize those Tweets and help them show up more easily in a Twitter Search (Twitter 2016). As you can see in the tweet above, hashtags have been applied to #HeraldSun, #BTS and #VAMFF, in order to affiliate these entities to the target public, and furthermore, to increase the chances of these entities being discovered. This tweet also has a significant amount of @symbols, which are used to mention people or businesses associated with the tweet (Twitter 2016). @VAMFF, @DanniiMinogue, @JAtonCouture, and @KimHeraldSun are entities, which AMPR have incorporated into their PR network, just by adding an @symbol!


Image: David Jones AW 2016 Fashion Launch



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