Antipodean Animal Agency

The Key Message of Antipodean Animal Agency is, that Wildlife Conservation is a community-wide responsibility.

Nonprofit organisations make up a broad area of Public Relations work and from a PR point of view, these organisations are often represented as beacons of social responsibility, fostering goodwill (Think 2013). Antipodean Animal Agency is no exception to this definition. It is a nonprofit organisation, which supports the welfare of all wildlife, provides advice in animal rescue emergencies, and offers the community an opportunity to help (Wires 2016).

The Target Public of Antipodean Animal Agency is much more specific than just the general community.

Other than becoming a Rescuer or Volunteer for Antipodean Animal Agency, there is a more indirect opportunity to assist in the conservation of wildlife. That is, to donate. Antipodean Animal Agency have gone above and beyond targeting the general public for donations. Take a look at just some of their specific target publics listed below (Wires 2016):

  • Virtual Carers: are people, who want to help the organisation financially, while being able to be involved as much or as little as they want.
  • Shoppers: are people, who want to contribute to the Antipodean Animal Agency while they shop, by only having to ensure that, they are purchasing from selected retailers, who  contribute a certain percentage of the sale to the wildlife agency.
  • Corporate Businesses: who are looking to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the welfare of Australian animals.
  • Mourners: are people, who have sadly lost a loved one, and are able to fill their hearts again by saving the life of an animal and paying respect to their deceased loved one with a tribute.

Antipodean Animal Agency illustrates its ability in targeting very specific publics, who are interchangeably latent, active, external, internal, short and long term. With these very specific target publics, the agency will be able to clearly identify its tactics (CQU 2015).


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